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What was it like being in the same room with a shirtless Anthony Kiedis? XD

What? I never have been in the same room as him - but it would be magical. I just saw AK shirtless in some performances that I’ve been. And I was in shock!

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Will Ferrell and Chad Smith are basically twins…

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Over 200 girls in Nigeria have been abducted by Boko Haram terrorists, Islamist militants.

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9 reasons why I love Anthony Kiedis.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hillel Slovak (Slim) ! 

Hillel Slovak was a funny, beautiful, stylish, wizard of a friend and guitar player. And he left us with something which was a band, and a love, and a desire to carry on, and in everything we do he will always be with us, forever. He’s with us right now. — Anthony Kiedis

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